DONATE YOUR USED COMPUTER EQUIPMENT TO A WORTHY CAUSE IN THE BAY AREA.  Most of the organizations listed below can take your computer equipment, refurbish it for further use, and provide a charitable donation receipt.  Please check with them first. 

    Computers and hi-tech equipment - It is now illegal in California to dispose of computer monitors and televisions in landfills. Cathode Ray Tubes (CRTs) in monitors and televisions each contain 4 to 8 pounds of lead. Central Processing Units or "CPUs" (the main component of the computer) and other computer peripherals also contain lead, as well as cadmium, mercury and brominated flame retardants -- all toxic chemicals. 


Source: Peter Kilkus of The Environmental Forum of Marin and

The Berkeley Mac Users Group collects used computers (MacIntosh) from its membership and the local community. They work with community agencies like BOSS, Women's Economic Agenda Project and the Center for Accessible Technology to identify economically disadvantaged and underserved families and individuals who could benefit from the use of a refurbished computer for schooling or retraining purposes. Recipients receive free Basic MAC classes, access to Planet BMUG (bbs), a 6-month membership in BMUG and technical support.
Contact: Colleen Miller
Berkeley Mac User Group
1442A Walnut Street #62
Berkeley, CA 94709
(510) 549-2684 X210 phone

CRC has collected, refurbished and redistributed over 20,000 computers to schools in the San Francisco Bay area, since its founding. The nonprofit agency accepts donations of computers, (working or not), and books and software from individuals and companies throughout California. They also provide technical training for high school and college students, participate in national collection efforts and offer sales of surplus parts to the general public. CRC now has three locations in Northern CA (Santa Clara, Santa Rosa and San Francisco).
Contact: Mark Hoss
Computer Recycling Center
2971 Mead Avenue
Santa Clara, CA 95051
(408) 327-1800 phone
(408) 327-1801 fax

Collects and distributes older computers for schools, nonprofits and needy individuals in Northern California. Has a core of school volunteers who help assemble, renovate and repair donations. Picks up both Macs & PCs throughout the Bay Area. Contact: Richard Blackston, Operations Manager.
Computer Recycling Project
San Francisco, CA
(415) 342-2244 phone
Web Site: Computer Recycling Project

Glide Memorial Church program provides computer access and training to homeless and other underprivileged populations. Over 6,000 adults and children have been trained in computer literacy through this program. There is some pass-through of used computer equipment at subsidized rates.
Computers And You/Glide Memorial Church
330 Ellis Street Rm 610
San Francisco, CA 94102
(415) 922-7593 phone
(415) 922-0756 fax

Detwiler has established collection sites in California, Minnesota and Hawaii and is spearheading a national "Computers For Schools" effort. As of Summer 1998, more than 43,000 used computers have been placed in schools through the work of the Detwiler Foundation and its partners. In-kind donations typically come from the government and business sectors or are collected by civic groups. The agency also accepts cash contributions. The agency accepts Macintosh, IBM and PC compatible personal computers 386 or faster, hard drives, working monitors, keyboards, working printers and peripherals. Computers are refurbished at correctional facilities, vocational centers and community colleges and then placed in schools according to the preferences of the donor and to schools in "Empowerment Zones" that have been targeted for federal assistance. Note: no donations to individuals.
Contact: Tanya Haney, Administrator
Detwiler Foundation
Computers for Schools Program
470 Nautilus Street, Suite 300
La Jolla, CA 92037
(800) 939-6000 (619) 456-9045 phone
(619) 456-9918 fax

Used computer equipment donations received are evaluated, repaired or rebuilt, if required and then sold at low cost to the community. The goal of this program is three fold. It diverts used computer equipment from land fill by recycling, provides additional funding for the Employment and Training Programs and provides used computers at low cost to those that cannot afford to purchase new computer equipment. The agency will pick up donations or they may be dropped off at retail locations. They have offices in Ukiah, Napa, Santa Rosa and Sonoma.
Goodwill Industries of Redwood Empire
(800) 400-2720 phone

Donates used computers and related equipment to non profit organizations, school libraries, and low income families in the Marin County area. Other organizations can apply if they arrange transportation. Also distributes used computer equipment to other countries.
Marin Computer Resource Center
60 Leveroni Court
Novato, California
(415) 883-1428 phone
(415) 883-2984 fax

Donates used computers and related equipment to member ($30 fee) nonprofit organizations in the San Francisco Bay area.
Contact: James Chao
Nonprofit Services
1605 63rd Street
Emeryville, CA 94608
(510) 658-4760 phone

A project of the Marcus A. Foster Educational Institute, this nonprofit school-run program finds and recycles used computers for use by students in the Oakland Public Schools. Students learn develop technical and business skills as they work in a "repair classroom" to fix machines. They earn "tech bucks" script that can be redeemed for computers to be used at home. Graduates of Tech have accumulated enough points to take 100 computers with them to college. The school has also recycled several hundred used computers for use in the classrooms. The group plans to train and place high school students in elementary and middle schools as tech aids in the classroom.
Contact: Bruce Buckelew or Oliver Ewing
Oakland Technology Exchange
4351 Broadway
Oakland, CA 94611
(510) 428-2493 phone
(510) 547-0884 fax

The Columbia Park Boys & Girls Club receives donations of used computers and peripherals and teaches kids how to repair them. Kids earn points repairing computers. After the refurbishes are complete, they are given to nonprofit organizations. The kids are also trained to help with tech support at the installation sites of nonprofit agencies. The agency plans to add a software distribution service, through their Internet site.
Contact: Eric W. Gray
Project Y.E.S.(Youth Employment Skills)
Columbia Park Boys & Girls Club
450 Guerrero Street
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 861-8232 phone

Shelter Hill works with the HUD Neighborhood Networks program and community agencies like the Marin Computer Resource Center to make technology available to economically disadvantaged populations. The Shelter Hill Computer Learning Center provides used computer equipment, technical/job training and support to residents of a subsidized housing residential community in Mill Valley, CA. Contact: Nicolas Retsinas
Shelter Hill Computer Learning Center
Shelter Hill Apartments
Mill Valley, CA
(415) 383-1577 phone

All Marin County residents (except Novato) can safely and easily dispose of old computer monitors and TV monitors by bringing them to the Marin County Permanent Household Hazardous Waste Facility at 565 Jacoby Street in San Rafael. Currently, this is a FREE service for residents. Businesses will be charged a $20 Fee for TVs and a $15 fee for each computer monitor. Call 485-5648 for more information! 

PEP Computer Recycling*
3 Oak Forest Road
Novato, CA 94949
Phone: (415) 382-1818

*These organizations provide disposal services for Marin County residents.


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